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What do I need to bring to collect my currency?

You’ll need to bring a form of ID with you when you pick up your cash. We accept:
• Primary ID which includes driving license, Passport or Photo ID.

Please note, proof of address doesn’t count as ID.
For transactions of $9,000 and over, please ring the store.

Are there any commission fees?

Nope. We don’t charge commission fees 🙂

Why is the exchange rate more than the market rate?

The spot market rate is the rate at which banks change currencies between themselves. When you want to exchange one currency into another, you’ll need the help of a couple of people: someone who can buy the currency on your behalf and someone who can actually give you the money e.g. Moniies Money Exchange!
The time taken to get the currency into your hands, as well as the overhead costs we incur to be in a convenient location, means that we charge an extra fee to cover our costs. We always strive to make our prices fair and competitive.

Why do we talk about ‘buying’ a currency?

When you buy a product, you agree to pay the price that the person selling it is asking for.

Because they are between you and the object, they will typically ask for a higher price than the cost of the object itself. This covers several things: the cost of the item, the cost of the seller being around to sell it to you, and any overheads associated with that.

If you talk about ‘exchanging’ a product rather than ‘buying’ it, you suggest that one item is being swapped for another – in other words, that there are no additional costs on top.

It’s the same with currency. There are more costs associated with handing you a new currency than just the currency itself. For this reason, it is useful to talk about ‘buying’ currency in this context.

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